Gods Unchained Transforms Gaming Landscape with Epic Games Store Launch


  • Gods Unchained, a Web3 trading card game, launches on Epic Games Store, revolutionizing player experience.
  • The move expands the game’s reach to over 230 million players worldwide.
  • Mobile versions for Google Play and the App Store are in development.

Gods Unchained, the renowned Web3 trading card game, has taken a momentous step forward by launching on the Epic Games Store, thus revolutionizing the player experience. Consequently, the platform for unbridled card battles is now accessible to a staggering player base of over 230 million individuals worldwide.

This strategic move forms part of Gods Unchained’s commitment to streamline the game’s onboarding process and captivate a broader audience. By securing a feature on a platform that fervently supports NFT technology and ranks among the most widely utilized game launchers globally, the game’s reach expands exponentially.

Notably, the illustrious title developed by the Immutable fleet of Web3 technology is poised to rival the likes of Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone in terms of availability. Having severed the shackles of its previous onboarding process, Gods Unchained is ascending to a position of prominence within the casual gaming industry.

However, the benefits of the Epic Games Store are not the sole focus of accessibility enhancements. In a bold proclamation, Gods Unchained has revealed ambitious plans for its mobile platform, with concurrent development for both Google Play and the App Store already well underway. Consequently, the potential audience for Gods Unchained will extend far beyond its current boundaries.

Moreover, this move opens up a wealth of opportunities for players seeking captivating card battles on their mobile devices. The forthcoming mobile versions of Gods Unchained will harness the immense popularity and convenience of Google Play and the Appstore, ensuring that the game’s allure reaches even greater heights.

By embarking on this transformative journey, Gods Unchained is effectively bridging the gap between Web3 technology and mainstream gaming. The game’s arrival on the Epic Games Store, coupled with its imminent expansion onto mobile platforms, signifies a paradigm shift in the world of digital card games.

Gods Unchained’s strategic decision to launch on the Epic Games Store represents a momentous step forward, significantly enhancing the player experience. Consequently, the game’s accessibility will skyrocket, appealing to a vast global audience. Furthermore, with plans to conquer the mobile gaming landscape, Gods Unchained is well on its way to solidifying its status as a dominant force in the gaming industry.