Limited Edition: McDonald’s Launches 2,000 Captivating Grimace Digital Collectibles


  • McDonald’s Singapore to release 2,000 exclusive Grimace Digital Collectibles.
  • Collaboration with Bandwagon Labs and The Hidden Walls for unique NFT initiative.
  • Collectibles can be minted for free on McDonald’s app, offering exclusive benefits.

McDonald’s aficionados and collectors are in for a treat as McDonald’s Singapore unveils an exciting initiative set to captivate fans worldwide. The fast-food giant is gearing up to launch 2,000 exclusive Grimace Digital Collectibles, each showcasing a distinct and captivating design.

In a strategic collaboration with Bandwagon Labs and local NFT artist The Hidden Walls, McDonald’s is poised to offer its customers an exceptional opportunity to grasp a slice of the brand’s storied history. These digital collectibles, which can be minted at no cost through the McDonald’s app, hold the promise of unlocking future exclusive benefits for their holders. A compelling chance for enthusiasts to enrich their collections with distinctive digital artifacts.

The brain behind this inventive move, McDonald’s Senior Director Drina Chee, underlined the sentimental significance of Grimace for devoted fans. This initiative, she emphasized, serves as a bridge between the character’s nostalgic allure and its newfound appeal for generations to come.

To acquire these digital treasures, users must employ a Digital Collectibles wallet through Web3auth or MetaMask. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to highlight that the redemption is constrained to a single collectible per McDonald’s account, and the trading of these collectibles remains explicitly prohibited.

The pool of 2,000 one-of-a-kind digital collectibles is slated to be available at no charge. Given the finite nature of these offerings, McDonald’s has issued a fervent call to fans and members to act swiftly to secure their share before stocks are depleted.

Notably, McDonald’s Hong Kong recently embarked on an innovative partnership with The Sandbox to mark the 40th anniversary of their beloved chicken nuggets. Through an immersive metaverse playground dubbed ‘McNuggets Land,’ enthusiasts delved into the journey of Chicken McNuggets over four decades, courtesy of a virtual art gallery curated by Coach McNugget and Assistant Coach McNugget.