Asia Broadband announces release date of Gold-Backed Baboons NFT collection


  • The mint event release date for the Company’s distinctive “NFT” collection has been set on February 28, 2023.
  • The Golden Baboons Mining Club, which is gold-backed like the company’s AABBG token, will be the first NFT collection from AABB.
  • To support the cause, new, creative logo designs are now offered for purchase on GBMC gear.

Asia Broadband Inc. is happy to inform that the company’s exclusive Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) collection, branded “Golden Baboons Mining Club,” has a confirmed mint event release date of February 28, 2023. (GBMC). AABB and their NFT team are happy to have increased the marketing program during the upcoming weeks before the release date in response to the strong demand for the new collection.

The first NFT collection from AABB will be The Golden Baboons Mining Club, which is gold-backed like the company’s AABBG token. Additional project information is available on the website, along with a sign-up form for the February first-mint issue of NFTs

New, imaginative logo designs are also available to purchase on GBMC apparel to further the cause. Along with the creation tale of Ahbibi and the Golden Baboons, the website includes a sample gallery of Golden Baboons NFTs and a section labeled “Lore.” The website honors the GBMC story and collection with the catchy hip-hop theme song “Join the GBMC.” 

The company has launched discussion boards on Discord and has been active on Twitter since the NFT concept was introduced several months ago.

Before and after the minting of the GBMC collection, the Golden Baboons NFT team will provide question-and-answer (Q&A) spaces on Twitter so that potential holders may comprehend the procedure, interact, and stay updated. Community and usefulness, two important components of a successful NFT project, are already present with the GBMC.

Based on the early enthusiasm and interest of those inside the AABB and NFT communities for the GBMC, the project is gaining strong preliminary momentum. With the backing of the company’s physical gold, the GBMC also has a special utility.

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