Tattoo industry spreads wings to the NFT space amid digital culture alteration


  • Keith McCurdy, the Bang Bang in the tattoo industry, plans to merge tattoo culture’s ethos with NFTs.
  • Bang Bang uses a new kind of rewriteable tattoo ink that appears and fades away under varying lighting conditions.
  • Keith sees technology as a method to establish a bridge between the desire of the tattoo culture for individuality with the provable distinctness of NFTs.

The tattoo industry is expanding its roots into the grounds of NFTs and is eyeing NFTs as an option for augmenting monetization and exposure for the work of a tattoo artist. Given the fact that tattoo art is continuing to evolve, Keith McCurdy, known as Bang Bang in the tattoo industry, is utilizing a brand new type of rewritable tattoo ink that appears and fades away under varying lighting conditions.

The tattoo industry is taking steps into the NFT space in a quest to stay relevant in a surprisingly increasing digital world. Bang Bang continued to claim for five years that the University of Colorado scientists have managed to develop a tattoo ink that is formulated of photochromic microcapsules. 

You can understand this by pondering upon the fact that this technology leaves a color-changing mark activated by UV light, thus, completely altering the tattoo image as soon as it comes in contact with UV light. As per Bang Bang, this technology has the potential to link the individuality desire of tattoo culture with the provable uniqueness of digital art

It should be noted that back in the month of June, Bang Bang sold the first-ever rewritable tattoo as 1/1 NFT for 100 ETH, equivalent to around $100,000 at the time. In a statement released by McCurdy, the digital identity of any individual will become vital in the future and might be even more important than your digital identity. 

Indelible is yet another firm that is allowing its owners to utilize their IP rights by drawing new tattoos and adding them to the existing profile pic NFTs. The Founder of Indelible, Mike Amoia, shared his thoughts on the same and said that NFT holders are always seeking monetization or experimenting with their IP. If they are able to put famous tattoo art in it, the process of monetization is going to be more fun.