Charles Hoskinson Clears the Air on Cardano’s NFT Affiliations


  • Charles Hoskinson recently clarified his neutral position on NFT projects within the Cardano ecosystem.
  • He doesn’t personally own any NFTs from Cardano projects and avoids seeking or accepting endorsements.
  • Hoskinson has never shared an address for NFTs, maintaining his neutrality and avoiding perceived bias.

In a recent revelation, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, clarified his position on the NFT projects within the Cardano ecosystem. Broadcasting from the scenic Colorado, he shed light on his neutral stance.

Hoskinson proudly displays Apes Society artwork in his office. However, it’s essential to note that this artwork was a gift. He hasn’t received any payment or endorsement for showcasing it. This gesture underscores his commitment to neutrality. He doesn’t personally hold any NFTs from Cardano projects. Moreover, he doesn’t seek or accept endorsements from them.

While he admires the NFT art gifts, Hoskinson emphasizes a crucial point. Displaying a project’s work isn’t an endorsement. His decision to stay away from these NFT projects aims to maintain a neutral baseline. He’s keen on avoiding any perception of bias or favoritism.

Hoskinson has never publicly shared an address for receiving NFTs. He receives numerous offers, but he remains steadfast. His neutrality ensures no particular NFT project feels favored. He remarked, “Strong groups exist in the ecosystem. They have unique attributes, making them exciting. However, they can become quite tribal.”

Addressing the tribal nature of the Cardano NFT ecosystem, Hoskinson made a call to action. He urged these groups to unite. They should discuss their needs as emerging NFT companies. While he enjoys interacting with NFT creators, especially during Cardano conferences, he remains an observer. He doesn’t influence the daily decisions of any NFT project.

Hoskinson’s clarifications aim to dispel myths. They provide insights into his limited influence on Cardano’s NFT projects. This move might bolster confidence in the ecosystem’s decentralization.

Hoskinson’s neutral stance is clear. He appreciates the NFT art and the creators behind them. Yet, he remains committed to ensuring the Cardano ecosystem thrives without biases. His comments serve as a beacon, guiding the Cardano community towards collaboration and growth.