The Rise and Fall of NFTs: From $1.8 Billion to $73 Million in Trading Volumes


  • The digital asset world was dominated by the NFT trend in early 2021, with digital artworks selling for millions.
  • This collection attracted over 30,000 collectors and amassed $91.8 million.
  • Trading volumes dropped from a weekly high of $1.8 billion in August 2021 to $73 million currently.

In early 2021, the world of digital assets was abuzz with the term “NFT” or Non-Fungible Tokens. Digital artworks by emerging creators were selling for millions, and collections like “The Merge” attracted over 30,000 collectors, amassing $91.8 million.

However, the NFT landscape has seen a significant downturn. Trading volumes have plummeted from a weekly high of $1.8 billion in August 2021 to a mere $73 million today.

The floor price of “The Merge” has dipped from 25 ether (ETH) to 1.1 ETH, reflecting a broader trend in the NFT market. While some argue that the NFT boom is over, a handful of projects remain optimistic about their potential.

During a recent gathering of NFT creators, insights were shared about the ongoing projects in the NFT space, particularly in gaming, which received approximately $297 million in funding in July alone.

One such project is the Martian Premier League (MPL), where users can mint an MPL NFT to enter a virtual football league on Mars. Eleanor Nugent, the founder of MPL, emphasized the importance of the “ownership model” that NFTs offer, stating that it provides a compelling reason for projects to come to market. The floor price for an MPL NFT currently stands at 0.011 ETH (~$19).

NFTs are not just confined to gaming but are also utilized for social causes. Maya Spirits, for instance, is using NFTs to champion gender equality and environmental protection in Mexico. About 70% of the proceeds from their NFTs go to donations, 20% to development initiatives, and 10% to cover travel expenses. Their NFTs are trading at a floor price of 0.015 ETH (~$26).

While the NFT market has experienced a dip, its potential and adaptability remain undeterred. From gaming to social causes, NFTs continue to reshape the digital frontier, promising innovative avenues for creators and investors alike.