Reebok Enters the Realm of Digital Fashion and Gaming, Enhanced by AI, Following Nike’s Lead


  • Reebok, a sportswear brand owned by Adidas, is entering the digital fashion and gaming sphere by partnering with crypto tech startup Futureverse.
  • This collaboration is focused on integrating AI and blockchain technologies into Reebok’s products, reminiscent of Nike’s earlier ventures in digital fashion.
  • The partnership aims to bring Reebok’s styles into the digital world as wearable NFTs and to create immersive virtual gaming experiences.

Reebok, a prominent sportswear brand, is making significant strides into digital fashion and gaming, reminiscent of Nike’s earlier ventures. Owned by Adidas, Reebok has formed a unique partnership with the crypto tech startup Futureverse, marking a significant step towards integrating AI and blockchain technologies into their products.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize digital fashion and extend Reebok’s brand into virtual spaces. The plan includes the development of AI-enhanced and blockchain-supported games and digital experiences. This initiative brings Reebok’s styles into the digital world as wearable NFTs and emphasizes creating immersive virtual gaming experiences.

A critical project in this partnership is “Reebok Impact,” which is slated for launch next year. This initiative is described as a “mind and heart-bending digital shoe experience” that integrates AI technology with on-chain digital wearables. The goal is to illustrate that life’s essence is not just about the sneakers one wears but about one’s experiences while wearing them. Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky highlighted the importance of participating in the world purposefully, and this partnership with Futureverse is seen as a step towards redefining the limits of innovation and consumer engagement in the digital evolution of products.

Futureverse, which secured $54 million in Series A funding in July, aims to create an “open metaverse” where digital assets like NFTs can move freely across multiple platforms. The company is expanding its ecosystem by acquiring other crypto firms, games, and metaverse experiences, although this collaboration with Reebok marks its first foray into digital footwear.

In comparison, Nike acquired RTFKT, an NFT sneaker studio, in December 2021, leading the footwear industry into the virtual domain. Since then, Nike has built a robust NFT community and released exclusive physical sneaker collections with digital counterparts. Following this trend, brands like Adidas, Dior, and Puma have launched similar “phygital” products.

While Reebok has not announced any plans for physical sneakers linked to digital tokens yet, it has revealed a limited-edition sneaker drop in collaboration with Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT brand VeeFriends. This special edition will initially be available to VeeFriends token holders before being released globally.

Reebok’s partnership with Futureverse represents a significant move into the digital realm, blending AI and blockchain technology to create unique gaming and digital fashion experiences, potentially reshaping how consumers interact with the brand in virtual spaces.