Dragon Strike and Meow Match Games are coming soon from Gala Games


  • Gala Games bought Ember Entertainment
  • Dragon Strike and Meow Match will connect to the L1 network.
  • Players will receive one scroll of minting after spending $100.

Gala Games gives an update about their game on Twitter. People can obtain more information about their purchase of Ember Entertainment. Starting with Dragon Strike and Meow Match, these games will be connected to their L1 network and utilise Gala as a gas. P2E is making its way to mobile devices.

Gala Games thinks that blockchain technology should be made invisible in games. They employ basic gaming principles that all participants, whether blockchain experts or not, may enjoy. In gala games, players genuinely have what they win. It is theirs if they earn or win a magical sword on the Gala Game Platform. Players’ goods and any hereditary rank are verified assets on the network that may be traded or used in-game.

Benefactor also revealed some Gala Games news: the Walking Dead civilizations are now completely integrated into Gala Games. It is also accessible on mobile devices. They are also attempting to include all titles on their blockchain. Gala Games is hard at work on their two top priorities, Dragon Strike and Meow Match. These games are both available for Android and iOS.

The advantage for players in Meow Match games is that all of their cats will become digital assets on the blockchain network.

Players will receive one scroll of minting for the Dragon Strike game. After spending $100, gamers will be given another opportunity to begin minting. Each minting scroll will let players convert a database item into NFTs on their blockchain. It will offer opportunities to earn money by participating in competitive weekly events.

The Gala Games Network is entirely dependent on the player-owned node environment. The Gala Network is powered by people like you who run Gala Nodes from their personal computers. They don’t create games in isolation; they regularly interact with and test concepts with our Discord audience. They create alongside a vocal community whose feedback influences the design of each game.