Social Network Introduces Testnet for Bitcoin Staking Platform, Rewards Await Early Participants


  • Social Network unveils groundbreaking testnet for Bitcoin staking, promising scalability and eco-friendliness.
  • Integration with top crypto security firms ensures unparalleled asset protection for users.
  • The innovative approach aims to redefine Bitcoin staking possibilities, inviting early participants to a transformative digital finance journey.

Social Network, a pioneering Bitcoin Layer 2 staking protocol, recently announced the initiation of its testnet. This development marks a significant step towards offering Bitcoin users a scalable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly staking alternative. The platform allows for unlimited BTC staking in non-custodial wallets, supporting instant withdrawals while upholding the decentralization ideals set forth by Bitcoin’s creator.

Amidst a vibrant period for the Bitcoin ecosystem, highlighted by the approval and subsequent investment in Bitcoin ETFs, Social Network’s testnet launch stands out. These ETFs have propelled Bitcoin to near two-year highs, with investments surpassing $27 billion quickly, aiming to rival the $90 billion invested in gold ETFs. Social Network’s launch aligns with these developments, offering a fresh avenue for BTC staking that promises to reduce transaction fees and data storage demands on the blockchain.

Further enriching the Bitcoin ecosystem, Social Network introduced an official whitepaper detailing its fully decentralized, non-custodial BTC staking project. Stakers are incentivized with 369 $HEART for every satoshi staked, aiming to expand Bitcoin’s utility and support decentralized social networks globally.

In a collaborative effort with leading crypto entities like ChainSafe and Holborn Security, Social Network aims to enhance asset security through non-custodial wallets. This approach provides a secure staking method and introduces a novel yield for BTC holders, steering clear of asset wrapping on an open-source platform.

An early incentive program has been rolled out for participants on Taproot Farms, promising an exclusive Bitcoin Ordinals mint to top testnet contributors. This initiative seeks to bolster early-stage participation while addressing the congestion issues brought forth by the Ordinals. By integrating the Nostr decentralized social networking protocol with Bitcoin, Social Network aims to facilitate large-scale, decentralized data storage, mitigate high fees, and reduce network congestion. This series of developments underscores Social Network’s commitment to enhancing the Bitcoin staking landscape, offering a scalable, secure, and environmentally friendly platform for users worldwide.