January Sees a 61% Drop in Bitcoin Ordinals Sales, Yet Upcoming Halving Fuels Optimism


  • Bitcoin Ordinals sales experienced a sharp 61% decline in January, falling to $335 million from December’s record high.
  • Despite the downturn, the upcoming Bitcoin halving event promises to rekindle interest in these unique digital assets.
  • The crypto community remains watchful, hoping for a resurgence in Ordinals’ appeal as the halving approaches.

Bitcoin’s foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through Ordinals inscriptions witnessed a significant slowdown in January, with sales plummeting by 61% to $335 million from a record high of $868 million in December, as reported by NFT data aggregator CryptoSlam. This decline comes amidst a bustling interest in Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the much-anticipated halving event, which traditionally sparks optimism in the cryptocurrency sector.

Ordinals, representing the inaugural batch of NFTs on the Bitcoin network, have encountered a lukewarm reception attributed to an oversaturated NFT market and burgeoning collections on alternative blockchains. Anndy Lian, a seasoned blockchain expert, highlighted the vast array of choices now available to buyers, further amplified by the rise of blockchains like Solana, which have begun to capture a significant market share.

The downturn in Ordinals sales contrasts with the varied performance of NFTs across different blockchains. Ethereum NFT sales saw a modest decline of 2.2% to $355 million, while Avalanche experienced a surge of 89% to $46.7 million in January, driven predominantly by the Dokyo NFT collection.

This sales slump in Ordinals has sparked discussions about the challenges facing Bitcoin-native NFTs, including their controversial reception within the Bitcoin community and the technical complexities involved. Sebastien Guillemot, a co-founder of Web3 gaming engine Paima Studios, observed a shift in focus towards Bitcoin layer-2 solutions, suggesting a potential pivot in developer and investor interest towards new technological narratives within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Despite this, the number of Ordinals inscriptions continues to grow, surpassing 59 million, indicating a sustained albeit slowed interest in these unique digital assets. The upcoming Bitcoin halving event is poised to test the resilience and adaptability of Ordinals, with industry insiders like Lian optimistic about its potential to rejuvenate interest in Bitcoin’s NFT scene.

As the cryptocurrency landscape braces for the halving, the industry watches closely, with hopes that this event could catalyze a renewed enthusiasm for Ordinals, expanding Bitcoin’s utility beyond its traditional role as a store-of-value asset.