NFT superstars are arriving in The Sandbox Metaverse


  • At NFTSTAR’s new location on The Sandbox, football greats Luis Figo from Portugal, Son Heung-Min from Asia, and prolific Brazilian player Neymar JR. will all be showcased.
  • Abe Ren, co-founder of NFTSTAR, said they are excited to work with The Sandbox metaverse to promote their brand, notable clients, and exclusive NFTs.
  • Smobler Studios, an investee company and one of the recommended and approved builders of The Sandbox, is enlisted by NFTSTAR to start this collaboration.

Football legends Luis Figo from Portugal, Son Heung-Min from Asia, and prolific Brazilian player Neymar JR. will all be highlighted at NFTSTAR’s new home on The Sandbox, the top decentralized gaming virtual environment and a division of Animoca Brands.

As part of its multiverse strategy to create an integrated global sports metaverse platform for billions of sports fans who also like gaming, NFTSTAR has exclusively signed the trio. Through a partnership with renowned Web3 brand experience provider Forj, another division of Animoca Brands, NFTSTAR seeks to engage the worldwide community with frequent meet and greets, AMAs, exclusive NFT drops, and a virtual sports arena.

To promote their brand, famous clients, and exclusive NFTs, Abe Ren, Co-Founder of NFTSTAR, states that they are thrilled to collaborate with The Sandbox metaverse. Through their cooperation, the community of sports, esports, and gaming aficionados can grow as a whole.

Sports are a significant component of world culture, and as such, it is a joy to welcome NFTSTAR into The Sandbox metaverse as they develop their sports-based experiences and activations, according to Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox.

To begin this relationship, NFTSTAR enlists Smobler Studios, an investee studio and one of the preferred and authorized builders of The Sandbox.

The9 Limited (Nasdaq: NCTY), which supports NFTSTAR, wants to create the largest sports fandom social platform with a Web3 community that connects international athletes and fans. Its goal is to establish itself as a digital brand that pioneers a new sports environment in the Web3 era. NFTSTAR seeks to host a GameFi and SocialFi playground for Web3 lovers worldwide by creating a community that interacts with stars and their fans.

With its cutting-edge NFT technology, Forj, a division of Animoca Brands, connects creators and fans from a range of fields, including music, entertainment, gaming, and collectibles.