Amazon launches its first NFT in April 2023


  • Amazon has been pitching its digital collection concept to a number of business titans.
  • A special focus is made on blockchain gaming and NFT products.
  • Amazon has started looking into many potential Web3 initiatives.

Amazon is creating a digital assets organization, with an NFT project anticipated to begin in the spring. According to different sources, Amazon has been hawking the virtual collections initiative to a slew of industry heavyweights. Layer-1 blockchains, blockchain-based game businesses and creators, and technology platform marketplaces are said to be among these organizations. A particular emphasis is placed on blockchain-based gaming and associated NFT solutions, enabling Amazon shoppers to play crypto activities and earn free NFTs in the meantime. 

According to reports, the endeavor is still in its early stages. The e-commerce behemoth appears to have set April as the date for announcing its audacious crypto objectives. Amazon getting into the industry is significant for cryptocurrency for many different reasons.

Amazon officials driving the drive have reached out to at least one family office in recent months. The concept at the time was to execute at least one NFT release with an artist. Amazon’s Web3 plan looks to have developed greatly since then. 

Amazon has recently been investigating a number of new Web3 projects. A variety of corporate recruits are anticipated to be required for both the network and Amazon’s subsequent crypto endeavors.

Whilst Amazon Web Services has occasionally offered jobs for Web3 programmers and designers, the e-commerce company is not well recognised for its forays into the crypto or blockchain realms. Amazon Coins is still in operation, but it is more of a loyalty program than a crypto effort.

Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, previously stated that he is open to the company selling NFTs; nevertheless, the company is not closing the door to cryptocurrencies generally.