Blockchain gaming is here to stay; Says Animoca Brands’ founder Yat Siu


  • Founder Yat Siu comments on blockchain gaming and Axie Infinity being a natural target.
  • Axie holds evident financial backing with a current FDV of close to $4B.
  • Axie Infinity has around 900k+ downloads ad currently has 2.3 million holders.

In his recent Twitter threads, the Hong-kong-based gaming software company Animoca Brands Founder Yat Siu commented on blockchain gaming and how Axie Infinity pioneered “play and earn” and NFT games. 

As per him, it is also a prime target for those who oppose NFTs and Web3 blockchain games. Unfortunately, the hostility is unjustified, harsh, and frequently lacking in context and fact. 

If we go through the metrics, Axie Infinity is undoubtedly one the most played NFT games all over the world with the followings metrics: 

  • 771,000 monthly-active on-chain users,
  • 370,000 weekly-active on-chain users,
  • 2.3 million Axie holders
  • 4 million Ronin wallet downloads

He also mentioned the financial backing of Axie Infinity. With current FDV of close to $4B (listed at $27) demonstrates the company’s strong financial terms. In addition, its durability and regard for the community can be demonstrated by the fact that it not only sustained a significant hack but also compensated all losses to affected players.   

The team has a long and successful history of publishing updates; in recent months, the pace and scope have substantially increased with support from some of the most well-known investors like a16z, Paradigm, and of course, Animoca Brands, and many others.

As per stats Axie Infinity have almost 900k+ downloads already. The deflationary systems and innovations like Runes and Charms demonstrate that the player base is comfortable consuming and paying for content, experiences, and fun, and not only paying to earn NFT. 

Lunacian Summer, an event that allows participants to create exclusive skins with a summer theme, shows that the Axie Infinity community is willing to spend tokenized money for social signaling and developing cultural assets.

He also added that Axie is a lot more than a game; it is a digital nation with its personal economy, Culture, and values powered by true digital property rights and Web3. Building a brighter future means becoming a part of the community; the open metaverse is all about that.

Concluding his Twitter thread, he added projects like Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Otherside Meta, blockchain gaming, and Web3 companion are coming up together for a progressive future that is more open, distributed, and equitable, especially where your time and value are all yours.