Nifty is launching Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm


  • The first season of Game of Thrones has been announced on Twitter by OpenSea and NFTy.
  • Series 2 of “Game of Thrones” will be available on OpenSea.
  • In Series 1, virtual treasures will be provided in the form of boxes and parcels.

OpenSea and Nifty tweeted together about the launch of the first series of “Game of Thrones.” The first series, “Build Your Realm,” will be available tomorrow on Nifty. Additionally, they are eager that Series 2 will be available on OpenSea.

Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm is a new digital collecting experience that gives people new opportunities to interact with their favourite series. This programme will include volumes representing various regions of Westeros and even beyond. Each chapter’s regional homes, classes, characters, and artefacts will have its own digital treasures, activities, and prizes. Each chapter will be divided into many releases known as “series” in order to continue delivering new and unique objects to collect while also making it easier for new collectors to join the programme.

Virtual collectibles will be distributed in the form of containers and packages that will virtually recreate the thrill and surprise of opening conventional premium collectible boxes and trading card packs. Hero boxes will have a virtual persona as well as other treasures related to the chapter and the location they symbolize. Packages will also include a selection of treasures to let people add to their collections and update their avatars.

Virtual avatars built to reflect certain locations will be the program’s centrepiece and will be available only during their respective chapters. Each avatar’s entrance into the realm will be determined by fate. Every series launch will include exceedingly rare Legendary Hero avatars fashioned after their favourite Game of Thrones characters, allowing chosen collectors to experience the programme as one of the series’ famous characters.

Buyers will be able to personalize and modify their avatars. Metals, food, and textiles will be represented on resource cards, which will be welded together to form equipable cards. Equipable cards will be weapons, shields, clothes, companions, and other items that may be fitted onto an avatar.

Customers will be able to collect narrative cards featuring memorable scenes and events from the TV show. When players use specific collections and sets of story cards in themed purchases, they can win even more rare collectibles.