NFT Creator FEWOCiOUS Sold His NFTs Approx $20M in 24hrs

  • As part of the NFT artist Victor Langlois’ “FEWOCiOUS” project, collectors had 24 hours to purchase as much art as they wanted.
  • Nifty Gateway’s third-highest sale has now been made by a 19-year-old on the NFT marketplace.
  • Within a limited public sale that lasted 24 hours, collectors were able to buy as much art as they wanted.

Following a restricted public auction of digital art, NFT artist Victor Langlois, better known by his stage name “FEWOCiOUS,” has announced a successful fundraising campaign that raised approximately $20 million. During the 24 hours, the 19-year-old artist gave collectors the option to purchase as many digital paintings as they could afford.

The sale of Langlois is currently the third most valuable on the crypto art NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway. Approximately 5,000 purchasers participated in the 24-hour timeframe, all swarming to purchase digital paintings that seemed to be little colorful blobs of paint, which is FEWOCiOUS’ hallmark style, and which were available for purchase.

Langlois is creating a metaverse-style realm, or digital universe, named FewoWorld, and the successful sale of the “Paint Drop” artwork is just the beginning of what is to come.

Little NFT characters dubbed “Fewos” will make up most of FewoWorld’s characters. According to the artist, more information regarding the artist’s metaverse-like realm will be revealed.

“From my perspective, what would Michelangelo do if he had access to a laptop and social media so that he could communicate with the finest artists on the planet,” he added.

According to Langlois, the paint NFTs will be connected to a certain amount of “Paint,” a fundamental building component of FewoWorld.

The paint might be utilized in the same manner that character skins are used in video games to enhance characters depending on their “Paint.”

Langlois said he intends to utilize the funding to investigate other avenues for bringing more innovation to FewoWorld, including expanding his staff.

Paint parties, which the artist employs to allow collectors of his NFTs the option to paint anything they desire, will continue to be held by the artist in the future.

The artist’s position in the digital art realm has been solidified due to the “Paint Drop” sale, laying the groundwork for creating something more significant, such as the “FewoWorld.”

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