Shiba Eternity, Shiba Inu’s latest battle game is a massive hit in Vietnam


  • Shib Eternity, the Shib CCG game, is enjoying great response in Vietnam.
  • Huge demand has made the team increase the servers by fifty times.
  • The name of the game was shared with the fans in the beginning of August.

At the beginning of August, Shiba Inu announced Shiba Eternity, the Shib CCG game with Playside Studios. Just after that, Shiba Eternity was made available for testing on iOS in Vietnam

Now, according to William Volk, Shiba Inu Games’ alpha director, Shiba Eternity is already a hit in Vietnam. Owing to the more-than-expected demand of the collectible card game, capacity of gameplay servers had to be increased by fifty times.

iOS users can participate in Shiba Eternity’s early testing. In fact, they posted videos on social media wherein they were trying the battle game.

Today NFT News already reported that SHIIB became the top used smart contract by ETH Whales following the Shiba Eternity revelation.

Shiba Inu’s token has reached 12th rank in terms of market capitalization, based on the available data. 

In early August, the name of the card-based game was disclosed to the fans.