OpenBlox To Launch Its NFT Gaming Series on Avalanche


  • OpenBlox will launch the NFT gaming series on Avalanche.
  • The company has already launched its digital game RunBlox on Avalanche.
  • The integration will add a unique NFT gaming family to the Avalanche.

The gaming platform, OpenBlox has announced the launch of 3 NFT-based game series on Avalanche. It will also bring its existing titles to the aforesaid blockchain platform.

OpenBlox’s Chief Communication Officer, Sunil Chauhan said,

The announcement was made on 23rd August on the official Twitter account of Avalanche.

Having backers at Ava Labs that understand scalability and user experience in all market conditions is fundamental to our growth.

The EVM-based gaming platform had already launched its digital game, RunBlox. Powered by Avalanche, the game tracks the players’ running, jogging, and walking. Players who complete their daily targets receive tokens as rewards. Players can also select their running shoes which have hit points. These hit points represent the quality and durability of the shoes.

After the immense success of RunBlox, the gaming platform is looking to launch three more game titles. These games are RougeBlox, ActionBlox, and LandBlox. Together these games will form an ecosystem which will be called Bloxverse.

OpenBlox’s COO also added,

Blizzard’s support and a shared vision for bringing health and fitness to the masses is pivotal to the growth of RunBlox and the OpenBlox ecosystem.

Lydia Chiu VP of Business Development at Ava Labs, excitedly welcomed the OpenBlox migration. She mentioned that games have incredible crossover elements that will offer cool gameplay to the players. She also extended her support to OpenBlox and believes it will bring a bundle of new games with NFT capabilities to the Avalanche network.