Animoca’s Yat Siu envisions advanced models of NFT gaming


  • Yat Siu thinks there’ll be advanced models of NFT gaming.
  • He believes that children will want digital products in future.
  • Siu elaborates on form factors and their advantages.

In a recent interview, Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu explained why he believes more advanced models of NFT gaming will be built around the ideas of digital ownership, interoperability and economic utility. 

Yat Siu believes that when it comes to NFTs, we are at a very nascent stage, and this is only just a humble beginning. 

He stated that mobile gaming brought a form factor of a type of game that he has never seen before, like one-hand play and that kind of stuff, and innovations around how to play with AI. Because of this limited form factor, it became the most popular form factor in gaming.

With NFT games, we’ve only really scratched the surface. Everyone’s very focused on ownership. I think it’s going to mushroom into everything and we’re going to see new kinds of game formats emerge because of the ownership that we weren’t able to do before,

he commented.

Yat Siu also elaborated on the significance of owning a stake in the games, as opposed to the old model where people paid for games with no return on investment.

He says that currently, blockchain games are a nightmare in terms of user (UI/UX) experience, but because of the ownership and novelty factor, it is making a wave everywhere. 

He further espoused that children will of course want digital things as the world continues to become more digital in every way possible.

Grandma is probably going to buy a digital item for their grandchildren as a way to not just as a gift that’s relevant to them, but also as a way to interact,

he added.