Logan Paul converts world’s most expensive Pokemon card into an NFT


  • Logan Paul has bought PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator worth $5,275,000.
  • Upon the purchase, Paul is set to turn the Pokemon card into an NFT.
  • The card is listed for $5 million with Paul claiming 49 percent ownership of the card.

Logan Paul, well-known YouTuber and professional wrestler has shared a video explaining how he bought a rare Pikachu Illustrator Pokemon card. Now fans can acquire a part of a unique Pokémon card in probably an outlandish way.

With the highest rating of 10, the Pokemon card is worth $5,275,000. 

If that seems hard to digest, here’s another piece of news, Paul is turning the Pikachu Illustrator Pokemon card into an NFT. The purchase has made the YouTuber break the Guinness record for the “most expensive Pokemon trading card sold at a private sale.”

On July 9 at 3pm EST, the card will be minted as well as listed as an NFT on the Liquid marketplace. Buyers need to spend $5 million to own the NFT. Paul will claim a minority i.e. 49% ownership of the card and it will be stored in a yet-to-be-decided community vault.

Paul reserves the right to do anything with the physical card based on the leanings of most of the NFT holders.

As a matter of fact, Paul is the co-founder of the Liquid Marketplace platform and there’s no information available regarding its uses and functionality. Collectors can co-own the physical and digital assets via tokenization. 

Since Nintendo owns the Pokemon IP, there’s doubt about the whole process being legal. Owing to the backlash NFTs have been receiving in the gaming world, only the future knows what is destined for Logan Paul and the Pikachu Illustrator card.This is the second time when Paul has made headlines recently. Last month, he shared an important update about his brother when he disclosed how the American boxer Jake Paul lost against the falling crypto market.