Since release in January, Axie Infinity price over doubled


  • Axie Infinity’s market price increases in January 2023.
  • They introduced the second season of Accessories and Origins, surging transactions.
  • Daily trading, market capitalization and the UAW increased as well.

Delphi Digital tweeted that Axie Infinity transactions went up by double after the release of Accessories & Origins Season 2 in January. As the season progressed through the four distinct “eras,” regular trades, market capital, and UAW all increased. 

Contrary to last month’s Web3 Gaming Roundup, January 2023 laid the groundwork for what might end up being a strong first quarter for the industry. Over the previous 30 days, a number of the leading gaming coins have grown by triple digits, and funding for the industry has increased since December. Axie Infinity has expanded significantly.

In the online pet community Axie Infinity, people can purchase creatures known as Axies and use them to engage in combat, travel, and interbreed with other Axie. Founded by the gaming company Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity utilizes the Ethereum coin in its ecosystem.

Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity depended largely on Safe Wallets to pay suppliers in cryptocurrency and manage their salaries.

Axie Infinity is an internet video game with NFTs, often described as a pyramid scam that grows by utilizing the inexpensive labor of nations like the Philippines.

The digital pets known as Axies are collected and minted into NFTs by Axie Infinity players. The game allows players to breed these animals and engage in combat with one another. When users trade Axies on the Sky Mavis marketplace, they are charged a fee of 4.25%.