Axie Infinity’s land mini-game ‘RayLights’ is now live


  • New minerals are unlocked as the player progresses and an even bigger variety of plants can be grown.
  • The game has 300 rare plants as of now.
  • Each plot type has its own type of recipe/code.

Axie Infinity’s very first land mini-game, RayLights, is now live for all landholders. The news is a major step since Axie has been created as the foremost Web3 brand and IP and has support of both infinite experiences and missionaries. 

Located in the Axie Infinity space, Raylights is a land cultivation, discovery and decoration mini-game. The game takes place at axie civilization’s dawn on Lunacia, which is split into tokenized plots of land that serve as bases and homes of operation for their Axies. With time, plots can be updated through a number of resources as well as crafting ingredients. 

On the plot, minerals of several combinations are placed into soil layers and combined with an axie so that they can be planted. Beautiful, new and exciting plants are born through different mineral combinations. 

The wide diversity of plants enables creativity when new aesthetic opportunities for the plot are designed. Adding Raylights into the axie world is important to establish an IP that pulls a variety of gamers. 

Both the cultivation and decoration elements will delight gamers who believe that the competitive PVP aspect of Origins are harsh. 

Raylights has been released with two competitions. While one of them unlocks world-firsts, the other one tests the design/creative chops. 

Quicksave, a Finland-based game studio, has built Raylights. Axies and land NFTs are transforming into tickets to an unlimited content library enabled by Web3 tech. Though there’s a lot that remains on this cutting-edge path of achievement.