Walken continues to garner strong momentum, surpasses 2 M registered users


  • Move-to-earn powerhouse Walken has amassed a user base of over 2 million registered users despite bearish market conditions.
  • The CAThletes, no entry barrier, and a convenient user interface back the success of Walken.
  • Walken’s team announced that they would continue building irrespective of the crypto market conditions.

In a recently revealed status, it has surfaced that Walken, the move-to-earn powerhouse, has managed to surpass the mark of 2 million registered users. The news has come as a surprise because the current crypto market conditions are contrasting. 

As revealed, the powerhouse is continuing to build strong momentum irrespective of the fact that the market conditions are bearish. Well, the interest in the project is supposed to accelerate in the wake of sustainable tokenomics and addictive gameplay. 

Being in public beta testing for five months, Walken has noted substantial community growth. Following the successful registration of 1 million users back in the month of August, the platform has now managed to onboard over 2 million users. 

As per the revelations, the success of Walken is the result of several factors involving a convenient user interface, CAThletes, and no entry restrictions. Walken is leading with the ambition of promoting an enhanced lifestyle that should be convenient and accessible to everyone. 

The Walken team has addressed that they will remain committed to facilitating the onboarding of millions of Web2 users to Web3. Well, this goes without saying that surpassing the 2 million registered users mark is proof that there is tremendous interest in exploring the era of user empowerment and decentralization. 

As for the upcoming events that are planned for all users by the Walken team, they are Walken Earn, Walken Runner, CAThlete Merge Event, and daily tasks. 

Here, holders will have the opportunity to stake $WLKN tokens under fixed or flexible terms, allowing broader token utility and player empowerment. 

Most recently, Walken announced a new roadmap where they addressed they are inching towards an even enhanced ecosystem. This included the incorporation of new and advanced features for users to lead a healthy lifestyle.