Kryptomon and Unstoppable Domains collaborate to provide a new experience


  • Kryptomon and Unstoppable Domains collaborate to make web3 gaming more accessible.
  • The collaboration enables the users to log in with their existing domains into the KryptoTeam marketplace to build their credentials around their current identities.
  • The users will also have access to some exclusive advantages.

The latest collaboration in the world of web3 gaming has taken place. Kryptomon and Unstoppable Domains have created a new alliance to make the entire web3 gaming more accessible.

Unstoppable Domains is the leading web3 identity platform and NFT domain provider in the market, and the collaboration is taking the web3 space to an entirely new level. 

The idea behind this collaboration is to build gaming credentials around the identities already owned by the users. The users can now log in with their domain at the Kryptomon Team Marketplace

This collaboration will also enable the players to take advantage of the exclusive features such as receiving $50 towards unstoppable domains to secure their Web3 identity and enhance the entire gaming experience across the Kryptomon franchise. 

Other than this integration, the companies are also collaborating to include the unique Unstoppable Domains Login System (SSO) into the Kryptomon games to ease the login and onboarding of the new players. Additionally, this association will also open future opportunities for the users to purchase the unique NFT domains with the suffix .kryptomon and .kmon. 

Furthermore, the companies are also running a promotion of a gift voucher of $50 to be redeemed by the Kryptomon NFT owners to buy the domains on the official websites.