Prizefighter, the boxing biopic movie gets funded by pre-sale NFTs


  • Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher has been partly financed with pre-sale NFTs.
  • Props from the film like boxing gloves worn by Russell Crowe or Matt have been used as NFTs.
  • One NFT was sold for $5,000 on day 1 of NFTs being put on the marketplace for sale.

Looks like Hollywood has been smitten by crypto film funding, as the recent blockbuster, Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher, packed with stars like Matt Hookings, Russell Crowe and Ray Winstone has been partly financed through pre-sale NFTs.

The Crypto Mile’s weekly episode was different this time. It dissected the crypto-wave of filmmaking that seems to disrupt the way movies are financed, distributed as well as exhibited.

The movie was partly funded with NFTs; thus, reducing the blockage of entry in the film world alongside enabling people to join the movie business by becoming an investor.

Written and produced by Matt Hookings, who has performed the role of Jem Belcher in the movie, the British-American boxing biopic was released on Amazon Prime this week.

Hookings has been promoting the film with Tyson Fury. During the interview, he opened up as to how the film used pre-sale NFTs for financing and plans to release the digital collectible content as NFTs.

In his statement, Hookings shared reaching out to James from Moviecoin with a hope to bring in Moviecoin so as to raise more funds via NFT pre-sales.

He further said:

At the last minute we managed to pull in the funding with James’s help through Moviecoin NFTs as Russell Crowe had to get to Malta and certain costs had gone up.

Speaking on this week’s The Crypto Mile, Jamie Mackie, Team Lead at Moviecoin, shared that aims to fund movies via NFTs or crypto.

To create NFTs for the movie, props such as boxing gloves from the film were taken and converted into NFTs.

The NFTs were then sold and what came as a surprise was that on the first day only, one NFT was sold for $5,000.

The money was converted from ethereum into fiat currency and was given to Matt to fund the movie.

Meanwhile, the movie has succeeded in receiving a pleasant review as posted by Matt Hookings on Twitter.