Walmart all set to sell NFT-linked comic books via Funko


  • Funko to sell NFT-linked comic books.
  • The NFTs can be redeemed as well as minted on the blockchain, WAX.
  • Phygitals will become extremely common when Walmart will sell NFT-linked physical goods.

Funko has partnered with Warner Brothers and Walmart with a goal of selling NFT-linked comic books. 

The comic books belong to DC’s “The Brave and the Bold” comic series, featuring popular figures belonging to the DC Universe such as Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, Batman and Flash. Every book cover is a physical asset with a digital counterpart or phygital.

Andrew Perlmutter, Funko CEO, said that the partnership with Walmart offers a wise way to try how the non-fungible token business can grow in physical retailers. Walmart selling such NFT-linked physical goods will be a stepping stone towards making this kind of asset quite common. 

Customers who buy these phygitals can link their wallet to get the NFT. The token will be minted on WAX. From October 7, Funko will start selling 30,000 units of “The Brave and the Bold” collection at Walmart.

In August 2021, Funko began its digital asset extension with its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection, enabling users to buy both figurines as well as an NFT.

Besides Funko, Prada and Puma have also sold physical goods along with digital counterparts.