Musician Tycho announces the launch of Tycho Open Source Community


  • Grammy-nominated artist Tycho announced the Tycho Open Source Community launch.
  • The Open Source Community is going to serve as a home for creative insights and exclusive content.
  • Tycho revealed that he sees Web3 as the “Endgame” and will soon become the norm.

Scott Hansen, professionally known by his stage name as Tycho, has decided to roll out his own “Tycho Open Source Community” with the help of Polygon NFTs. The famous musician also says he first heard about crypto during Silk Road Days, claiming the underground marketplace was “the coolest thing in the world” at the time.

Tycho said way back in 2011 that he had bought his first wallet but didn’t put any Bitcoin in it. In a recent revelation, the artist also mentioned his blogging days in the aughts and shared the timeline of how he got into this crypto and Web3 world

He bought an Ethereum token back in 2016 and pledged never to sell it, just to see what would happen with it in the coming future. 

Also, he praised Ethereum and showed more interest in it compared to Bitcoin. Mentioning Bitcoin more of an old school thing and Ethereum is cool, we should get this thing in, he recalled telling musician Jakub Alexander at the time while on tour.

Moving forward, the musician then forgot about his crypto for years and is more indulged in music and visual art.

Tycho produced graphics for his albums and developed the distinctive, melodic, elegant, electronic sound, which helped him to earn two Grammy nominations. 

Adding further, he also mentions his vow never to sell any Ethereum and says he’s still holding ETH today. 

Earlier in 2021, Hansen revealed a few NFTs on Nifty Gateway and OpenSeaja, which he calls “a learning experience.”

Getting inspired by the likes of Beeple, Justin Blau, and artist Reuben Wu, Hansen now considers Web3 and crypto as an excellent fit for his community.