Anthony Hopkins to release his first NFT inspired by his characters & art


  • The NFT collection has been overseen by Hopkins and Dante Ferrarini, Chief Creative Officer at Orange Comet.
  • Images and animations in the NFTs are CGI-generated.
  • In 2005, Hopkins evolved as a painter and conducted a solo exhibition to feature his artwork.

Oscar-winning actor and noted artist, Anthony Hopkins has taken the metaverse route. 

Partnering with Orange Comet, he is looking forward to creating and launching Eternal Collection, his first NFT series. 

Hopkins believes that NFTs are just like a blank canvas meant to make art in a whole new pattern.

The 84-year-old star shared that the metaverse gives an amazing opportunity when it comes to engage with the audience in a different manner. He called himself possibly the oldest man in the NFT world as well as on social media, which in itself says that age is just a number.

These NFTs are digital collectibles that conceptualize 10 distinctive character archetypes played by Hopkins in his career as an actor.  

The collection will drop on OpenSea marketplace in mid-september, as shared by Dave Broome, CEO of Orange Comet. 

A specific part of the funds will be donated to a charity chosen by Hopkins and his wife.

The collection will be launched in three phases:

  1. Iconic Category- One animated NFT meant to be auctioned to the one who bids the highest. It features all 10 archetypes. The winner will Hopkins’ autographed framed prints of NFT art, an autographed copy of Dreamscapes and a lunch/brunch with the star.
  2. Legendary Category- It will have 10 rare animated NFTs with each of them showing  a different character archetype. A chance to interact personally is the reward for the buyers along with  Hopkins’ autographed framed prints of NFT art besides an  autographed Dreamscapes book.
  3. Distinguished Category- This category will feature 1,000 rare one-of-one images that will be based on the 10 archetypes. An autographed NFT archetype print is the reward. An autographed Dreamscapes book will be given to 39 random buyers whereas, 5 buyers will be picked randomly for a Discord chat with Hopkins.

The NFT project happened when Margam Fine Art approached Orange Comet to feature Hopkins’ art in the NFT community.  The partnership puts forward the perfect blend of art and technology from a very graceful actor and artist.