Coffeezilla Exposes Logan Paul’s Unfulfilled $1.9M Refund Pledge


  • Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo project faces criticism and investor frustration.
  • Lack of communication and delay in the refund process deepens concerns.
  • Coffeezilla’s investigation reveals a lack of progress and uncertainty for investors.

Logan Paul, the popular YouTuber-turned-entrepreneur, is facing mounting criticism as investors in his troubled NFT gaming project, CryptoZoo, are still eagerly awaiting the promised refund of 1000 Ether (ETH), equivalent to $1.93 million at current prices. 

Despite being wealthy, Paul has failed to provide specific details about the refund process. Consequently, leaving investors frustrated and uncertain about the fate of their investments. Moreover, the lack of communication from Paul has been a source of concern for the CryptoZoo community. 

As per reports, Coffeezilla, known for his investigative work, disclosed that he had been actively seeking a refund plan from Paul behind the scenes but to no avail. CryptoZoo, launched in September 2021, aimed to be an NFT breeding game that offered opportunities to earn ZOO tokens and NFTs. However, investors grew increasingly dissatisfied with lackluster NFT artwork and declining token prices by late 2022.

As a result, in January, facing mounting criticism and a class-action lawsuit, Paul announced a plan to refund investors and pledged to deliver on the project’s roadmap. However, according to Coffeezilla’s latest video, which featured screenshots of email communications with Paul’s lawyer, Jeffrey Neiman of the MNR Law Firm, no concrete plan has been established yet.

The email response from Paul’s lawyer stated:

 We are working with Mr. Paul to evaluate the best way to achieve this goal.

Nonetheless, Coffeezilla expressed skepticism, pointing out the simplicity of paying blockchain developers to promptly write the code for the refund process. Moreover, given Paul’s wealth, it is reasonable to expect that he should be able to make investors whole without significant financial implications.

Despite the mounting pressure, Paul has yet to respond on YouTube or Twitter at the time of writing. Nevertheless, investors are left in limbo, awaiting a resolution and hoping that Paul will fulfill his promises.

In conclusion, the ongoing delay in providing the promised refund to CryptoZoo investors has only deepened the frustration surrounding Logan Paul’s handling of the situation. With Coffeezilla continuing to expose the lack of progress and investors eagerly waiting for updates, the future of the CryptoZoo project and its stakeholders remains to be determined.