Logan Paul apologizes to Coffeezilla for online threats


  • Logan refused all allegations in his YouTube video.
  • Logan Paul retracts his defamation complaint against Coffeezilla and apologizes.
  • Logan Paul hired “criminals” to work on the CryptoZoo NFT venture.

Logan Paul removed his response video to Coffeezilla and apologized in an unexpected way. Logan Paul has removed a clip in which he threatened to sue online investigator Stephen Coffeezilla Findeisen over a three-part series that portrayed Paul’s CryptoZoo initiative as a scam.

Coffeezilla, a Youtube journalist, accused Logan Paul of using fraudulent techniques with his NFT project “CryptoZoo” in a video series broadcast over the previous week. The clip is connected to Logan Paul’s “biggest fraud,” which sparked controversy in the bitcoin community when Coffeezilla unveiled the play-to-earn gaming scam.

Coffeezilla tweeted about Logan calling him and saying he was deleting both videos and dropping lawsuit threats. He is hoping that Logan will refund the victims of CryptoZoo, which matters the most.

Logan Paul’s team claims that they did not invest $1 million in creating the game but instead obtained the code from Flokishibx and passed it off as their own. Coffeezilla explained how fraud cost investors millions of dollars. Logan Paul responded to Coffeezilla’s charges with a video called My Response To Coffeezilla’s Scam Allegations on Wednesday. 

Logan denied each and every accusation, claiming that the CryptoZoo was founded by a group of con artists and criminals whom he “accidentally” employed. After speaking with developer “Z,” he went on to discuss Coffeezilla’s accusations. Logan stated that Coffeezilla did not do a simple truth check on the “Z” on the goal in charge before delivering his fabricated report.

The conflict isn’t with Coffeezilla, according to Paul. He’s actually glad he brought this to public attention. He will accept responsibility, apologize, and present a strategy for the future.

On December 17, Coffeezilla released the first video accusing CryptoZoo of numerous business violations while also calling out Paul, the project’s face. Coffeezilla said in his article that Paul may be making a third answer, but at the time of writing, neither Paul nor Coffeezilla had provided any more information.