Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo has been exposed as scam


  • Coffeezilla revealed the cryptocurrency-based game CryptoZoo.
  • According to Coffeezilla, Logan is solely concerned with his status and not with his audience.
  • Paul fans had spent about $2.5 million just on eggs.

Logan Paul, a YouTuber just received a large bullseye on his head. He has been accused by crypto investigator Stephen Coffeezilla Findeisen who posted a three-part video series looking into CryptoZoo, a blockchain game Paul once actively advertised. The two major issues have been revealed. The game is not yet live, and Paul’s most enthusiastic supporters and new investors have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on the procedure.

It’s an NFT game where players spend zoo coins, CryptoZoo’s in-game money, to buy NFT eggs that hatch into animals. Once hatched, the animals are raised together to create hybrids, and the more uncommon and rarity hybrid, the larger the daily payout of zoo coins. Players can cash them out into real money. In a nutshell, it’s designed to function similarly to passive income.

While allowing individuals to invest large sums of money in this NFT game replete with artwork, as Paul emphasises on his podcast Impaulsive, it has never been accessible.

Coffeezilla observed that, since the launch of CryptoZoo in 2021, Paul supporters had spent almost $2.5 million on eggs alone, with the currency itself increasing to a market worth of approximately $2 billion. 

Some people Coffeezilla spoke with spent tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars on CryptoZoo because they felt Paul was a changed guy who was building a safe place for everyone to invest in cryptocurrencies. One of the victims, Rob, stated that he lost slightly more than $7,000 with CryptoZoo. 

The project’s key concept, passive income, never worked from the start and wasn’t even stated in the agreement where it indicated you were truly yielding with Zoo. There was no means to declare your harvest, and there never was. People were basically investing money in a system that provided no returns.

Coffeezilla further stated that Logan is only concerned with himself and his image rather than the victims who have lost millions of dollars as a result of his actions.