Logan Paul to reveal CryptoZoo’s bad actors on January 3, 2023


  • Coffeezilla exposed the crypto-based game CryptoZoo.
  • Logan Paul to reveal the bad actors on 3rd January 2023 on his podcast IMPAULSIVE.
  • Coffeezilla claims that Logan only cares about his reputation and not his audience.

As a response to being called a scam by the investigative YouTuber Coffeezilla, Logan Paul, the American media personality, promised to expose the bad actors on January 3, 2023.

By offering explanations in the upcoming IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan is ready to take on various investigators. 

Coffeezilla uploaded several exposing videos of CryptoZoo, the cryptocurrency-based game, between December 17 and 23,2022. The CryptoZoo has received a backlash from various critics, and Logan Paul has promised to address the controversy in his podcast. 

On his official Twitter channel, Logan Paul said, “While I generally appreciate Stephen’s creative genius and exceptional work ethic (I mean that), this one is simply not true.” When appropriate, all bad actors will be exposed, explained, and held fully accountable. I’ll speak further on IMPAULSIVE January 3.”

On his official Twitter channel, Coffeezilla posted screenshots of their one-sided conversation, saying k Jeff, Logan’s manager never responded to the queries by Coffeezilla. Moreover, the platform also pointed out that the year before, Logan did not pay the developers to which he chose not to comment, and now, Logan is just doing damage control. 

Coffeezilla also pointed out that Logan only focuses on himself and his reputation instead of the victims who are out millions of dollars because of him. 

Coffeezilla is waiting to hear Logan‘s arguments on January 3, 2023.