Developing Nations Adopt Metaverse; Rich Nations Refrain


  • People in developing countries believe metaverse as a positive impact in their lives.
  • China, India, Peru, Saudi Arabia and Colombia have utmost faith in the metaverse.
  • Japan, France, UK, Belgium, Germany and Canada remain unconcerned.

Developing nations are more inclined towards metaverse and virtual/augmented reality as compared to high-income countries, as observed by a survey conducted for the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Ipsos, a market research firm unveiled the results on Wednesday. As per the results, 52% of more than 21,000 adults surveyed across 29 nations are well-verse with the metaverse; while 50% are positive about experiencing it. Residents of countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Colombia, India, and Peru are positive about metaverse.

Source: Ipsos

High income countries like Japan, France, UK, Belgium, Germany and Canada are lowest-scoring, since less than one-third of their population is positive about accepting metaverse.

Taking the survey further, it was concluded that respondents were also surveyed based on the areas of life that as per them, will have the most impact by metaverse. China, South Africa and India are among the developing countries that believe that digital socializing, virtual learning, entertainment and apps like remote surgery have the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives.

Source: Ipsos

An April report from cryptocurrency exchange Gemini found that developing nations are more excited about blockchain and crypto across the board. Moreover, the report stated that half of the respondents in Brazil, India and the Asia Pacific region bought their first cryptocurrency in 2021.

The report also concluded that adoption of crypto in these regions is the result of inflation and currency devaluation. It also mentioned that countries with 50% or more currency devaluation were five times more eager to buy crypto as compared to countries with less inflation.