Acura Enters Metaverse With Integra NFT & Virtual Auto Showroom

  • Acura has launched a limited edition Integra NFT and the first 500 customers will have an opportunity to claim NFT in 2023.
  • On the 22nd of March, Acura will be the first automaker to launch a digital showroom in the metaverse.
  • Throughout the college basketball national tournament in the month of March, Integra’s mixed media campaign as well as rich metaverse experience are available.

Acura has announced that they will mark the debut of the next generation of 2023 Integra by launching their very first NFT (non-fungible tokens). Not just that, but they will also be the first automaker that will be opening a digital showroom in the world of NFT. They are also giving an opportunity to the first 500 customers that will reserve the 2023 Integra at their website They will be granted a chance to claim a limited NFT, exclusively designed by Andreas Wannersttedt. Andreas is a 3D artist.

The reservations for 2023 Acura Integra will be opened today at 10 am PDT. Acura will also be launching the first digital showroom in the metaverse in March of 2022, followed by their release of Integra NFT. The digital showroom is called Acura of Decentraland. It will enable the fans to dwell themselves into a virtual world of the Acura brand and the next-gen Integra.

The brand has dropped their first NFT today in order to celebrate Integra’s return to the Acura today. They will grant the first 500 customers to reserve their vehicle to claim the NFT right after they reserve a 2023 Acura Integra. The Acura NFT will have unique and exclusive features with vibrant colors.

The showroom known as Acura of Decentraland will be opened on March 22 for all the fans. The visitors will be allowed to explore the showroom. You can browse the Integra wearable collection as well which is created with the collaboration of a renowned artist, Wannerstedt.

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