The Sandbox Joins With Cube Entertainment for Developing Metaverse Business

  • The Sandbox announces partnership with Cube Entertainment to diversify their metaverse business.
  • Cube will own a K-Culture complex space, created in LAND.
  • Executives from both sides attended the partnership event that took place.

The Sandbox, a prominent decentralized gaming virtual world, and Animoca Brands subsidiary, announced today a cooperation with Cube Entertainment to distribute K-Culture (Korean culture content) internationally by running virtual space and generating digital assets.

This cooperation focuses on the comprehensive collaboration for commercial growth in the metaverse and NFT, which began with the foundation of ‘AniCube,’ a new joint venture between Animoca Brands, The Sandbox’s parent company, and Cube Entertainment.

Executives from both sides attended this collaboration event, including Sebastien Borget, who is the Co-founder of The Sandbox, Yohan Lee, the Director of The Sandbox Korea, Cindy Lee also the Director of The Sandbox Korea, Kang Seungkon, a CEO of Cube Ent., as well as many others.

Through this collaboration, The Sandbox and Cube Entertainment will bring many enterprises and host events to expose Korean culture in the metaverse with businesses labeled not only K-POP but K-Culture.

As a first stage, a K-Culture complex cultural area will be developed on Cube Entertainment’s LAND. In this blockchain-based virtual realm, users from all around the world may effortlessly experience Korean culture.

Cube Entertainment creates K-Culture material through several relationships with Korean enterprises, while the Sandbox provides technological assistance for spatial projection and deployment. Cube-affiliated artists will work together to promote this location.

Cube is truly embracing the spirit of the open Metaverse by moving one step further into The Sandbox via its K-culture hub, where it is actively curating local brands and partners of their main K-POP label and offering them presence into The Sandbox through its own lands

– said Sebastien BORGET, COO & Co-Founder.

Meanwhile, The Sandbox Parent Animoca Brands intends to promote not only K-POP but the whole K-Culture with the purpose of continuing commercial ties in the metaverse included in the Animoca Brands ecosystem via their new joint venture, AniCube Entertainment.

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