Popular NFT artist Beeple to launch iImmersive 3D NFTs’ on Solana


  • Beeple is moving into Solana through Metaplex and Render Network with immersive 3D NFTs.
  • Presently, details about the collaboration are not completely out.
  • Beeple had earlier shared that he hopes non-fungible tokens to concentrate on emotional bond or utility.

Beeple, the NFT artist known for his unconventional or disputed ways, is making his move into Solana

CEO of Metaplex Studios, Stephen Hess, shared the news at Solana’s Breakpoint conference.

Hess welcomed Beeple to Solana and Metaplex in collaboration with the Render Network. He added that the genius will launch the future of immersive and streaming 3D NFTs.

Though a lot of information about the partnership is not available, users will get an invitation to “create your own unique NFT with a Beeple Everyday,” by utilizing a random set of objects as well as time.

Beeple is deeply connected with Render Network since he was the advisor there and the platform is known to offer a decentralized and peer-to-peer network to creators, thus, allowing users to step inside remote rendering power.

Render Network generated $30 million in December’s funding round and Alameda Research & Solana Foundation were among the participants.

Beeple, upon selling his NFT for $69 million in 2021, has gone into tokenized physical art with a “kinetic video sculpture” combined with a non-fungible token and started working on a digital art studio meant to host work by Beeple and other creators.

Compared to absolute extravagant or aggressive assumptions, Beeple expects NFTs to be based on emotional bond or utility. 

Adding on, he said that his future works will involve a kind of utility with such things and he is drawn towards discovering possibilities that are economical by dynamic NFTs.

Last month, Today NFT News reported Beeple is ready to handle the physical world through innovation.