American Boxer Jake Paul Loses Against the Falling Crypto Market


  • YouTube sensation and boxer Jake Paul has lost a big chunk of his fortune in the recent crypto crash.
  • Logan Paul shared the update on his podcast ‘impulsive.’
  • Jake blamed Joe Biden for the economic crisis in the country.

According to Logan, his brother, Jake Paul, has turned poor as a result of a massive cryptocurrency crash. 

The YouTuber turned boxer earned $36 million in 2021 from fights and decided to spend a huge amount as an investment in crypto. 

Talking about Jake’s boxing career and the money he made out of it, Logan used air quotes.

Mentioning the same, he said:

It doesn’t matter; he put it all in crypto! He’s poor!

Taking to his Twitter account, Jake slammed United States President Joe Biden for the state of the economic climate in the country. He also mentioned the falling crypto market, though it has nothing to do with Biden.

The situation might improve for Jake, as he is supposed to return to the boxing ring in August for his match against Tommy Fury. 

Bitcoin fell by 25% last week and has been trading at its lowest value for 18 months. Crypto is unregulated and not controlled by any political administration or government. Hence, blaming anyone for the loss isn’t right.

If the news is true, Jake isn’t the only YouTuber suffering from the wrath of cryptocurrency. Earlier, KSI found himself on the wrong end of a crypto crash. Sharing it with the world, KSI Sarcastically Mocked LUNA, Claimed Losing $2.8 Million in a Day.