USFL Announces Official NFT Marketplace To Pay Players and Coaches

  • USFL has partnered with the FOX entertainment blockchain Creative Labs to launch an NFT marketplace.
  • USFL has announced the launching of their official NFT marketplace with the partnership with BCL.
  • The marketplace will be paying both the players as well as the coaches.

It is only natural to assume that you’re extremely excited already for the inaugural United States Football league season in 2022. It will be starting on April of 16 in Birmingham, Alabama. Wouldn’t it be really exciting to own a piece of the legendary history yourself?

In order to create an exciting experience for their fans, players as well as coaches, USFL has decided to partner with Fox Entertainment Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL) in order to launch an exciting marketplace to collect digital exclusive NFTs, including purchasing and selling digital tokens for the league, their teams, coaches as well as the players.

Both coaches, as well as the players, will be granted an opportunity to directly work with BCL to craft special & exclusive tokens. However, that’s not all. Until the coaches and players don’t report to the training camp by the end of this month, a massive number of sales revenue from these unique tokens will be directly sent to the coaches as well as the players through digital wallets. The coaches and players from USFL will be the first from all the professional sports leagues that will receive the revenue right after the sale.

Edward Hartman, the USFL Executive Vice President of Business Operations said that they are building a marketplace for a number of digital collectibles known as NFTs that will create a wonderful and exciting experience fr all the fans of USFL, including coaches and players.

Non-fungible tokens are basically unique and limited digital collectibles that are appealing to fans. Some have limited supply while some are limited edition and hold a special value.

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