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  • is categorized among the largest Metaverses.
  • The ecosystem involves an NFT marketplace, the MetaMom world game, and MMORPG MetaCasa.
  • USM has a supply of 1 million lands to support up to 1 billion residents.

This year, the citizens of the USM world will be cherished as they may have got reason to celebrate in 2022. Despite the instability of the cryptocurrency market at the moment, keeps innovating, growing, and adding new functionalities. 

Due to the team’s efforts, the ecosystem has thousands of daily active users who trade and play regularly. The behavior data gives the development team insights into the requirements of the metaverse that the community chooses to support.

If we look at the current scenario, the 3D metaverse United States of Mars(USM) has over 109,000 users, over 45,000 incorporated wallets, and over 63,000 reported users. 

Now looking at this data shows that is one the biggest and largest metaverses with more than 28,000 active users monthly, overtaking metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox, as per the official reports in the market.  

Launched in early 2022, USM is a huge Metaverse platform on BNB/ETH with a supply of 1 million lands that can accommodate up to 1 billion people. Each “land” serves as a separate server that can host its own metaverse with its own rules, structures, and activities.

In addition to the USM Metaverse, is a huge ecosystem that includes an NFT marketplace, the game Metamon World, and the most recent MMORPG release, MMORPG MetaCasa. 

The project is spearheaded by a team of scientists, notable personalities, and Olympic champions. Each member of the team is individually aimed at building USM as a metaverse platform for the community, by the community.  

As “To the Moon” is very less for innovation and growth, the company’s aim is “To Mars.”