IOHK partners with Stanford University to create the Blockchain Research Hub


  • IOHK has recently entered into a partnership with the prestigious Stanford University to create the Blockchain Research Hub.
  • The Blockchain Hub seeks to accomplish three key objectives.
  • IOHK has announced the latest collaboration in the field of blockchain research with a funding of $2.5 million at Stanford University.

In a recent announcement made via a Twitter thread released by Input Output Hong Kong, a blockchain research and engineering company, IOHK has entered into a partnership with the prestigious Stanford University to create a Blockchain Research Hub.

IOHK has collaborated with Stanford University and marked its step in the world of blockchain research by funding a new $4.5 million Blockchain Research Hub at Stanford University.

As per the objectives of the partnership revealed via the Twitter thread, this Blockchain Research Hub has three main objectives:

  1. Tackling fundamental questions arising in the blockchain space
  2. Extensively increase the collation of scientific knowledge of the blockchain industry
  3. Elevate the rudimentary need for research in this developing space

IOG is going to fund the hub over the next 3 years. In addition to this, it should be laid an emphasis the fact that the hub will be supporting innovative research into blockchain and distributed ledger technology. 

What contributes further to the value of the partnership is the fact that the research hub will be spearheaded by a steering committee composed of IOG researchers and Stanford. These include

  • David Tse, Professor of Engineering at Stanford University
  • Dan Boneh, Professor of CS at Stanford University
  • Ashish Goel, the Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University
  • Andrew Hall, Professor of Political Economics at Stanford University

There are other brilliant minds involved in this too.

In addition to this, it was revealed that the Blockchain Research Hub will be adopting a multidisciplinary approach and will be providing researchers with an opportunity to collaborate with the blockchain industry. This will further contribute to the enhancement of the body of knowledge and viewpoints of blockchain technology. 

Well, this goes without saying that this partnership with Stanford does manage to represent a rational next step in the work started by IOG.