Ron Paul, The Former U.S. Congressman warns of Bitcoin Ban

  • Former Politician of U.S. Congressman expresses his concerns over the possibility of a ban on cryptocurrency by the government.
  • He said that such a statement comes from his experience and analysis of history and gold history.
  • He also discussed the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on the economy.

Former politician, author, and physician Ron Paul discussed the future of cryptocurrency over its growing interests. He also spoke on how the economy is disrupting due to the Ukraine-Russia War.

Ron Paul expressed his concerns over the digital currency ban in the latest interview on Thursday with Michelle Makori of Kitco news.

The former politician has repeatedly warned about the government-imposed ban on Crypto coins. He stated that over the history of time the Government has been in control of money. Over the world, Governments have a long history of competing for control of the money. They will not surrender control of money to the public.

The rising interest in Public into cryptocurrency and decentralized finance has left the govt institutes thinking.

Last year Ron Paul also stated that he favors the legalization of Cryptocurrency and wants it to compete with the American dollar. He said that the public should decide the fate of the currency. “It will be sorted out by freedom of choice,” he added.

Crypto has gained massive popularity over a short period of time. Many countries have accepted and legalized cryptocurrencies.  

This week, Following Russia’s invasion, the Ukrainian government adopted a legal framework for cryptocurrency. It has launched a cryptocurrency donation platform.

Paul also said that he is still trying to figure out the nature of cryptocurrencies, whether they are a bond, stock, or hard asset commodity. For now, as per stats, he believes that these cryptocurrencies are more like stock prices.  

Ron Paul has also founded “The Ron Paul Liberty Report” in 2015. According to its website, the report aims to bring “provocative opinion and analysis to the breaking topics affecting our lives and money”.

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