49% of Americans have heard of NFTs, shows Pew Research Centre Survey


  • Pew Research Centre conducted a survey on NFTs and cryptocurrencies.
  • The study found that 46% of Americans’ investment in cryptocurrencies results in a loss.
  • Another data showed that 49% of Americans have heard of NFTs.

Washington DC-based think tank, Per Research Centre has recently published their survey report on NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The study paper brings to light surprising market statistics on non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies.

The study shows that 49% of Americans have heard of NFTs. However, only 2% of them decided to buy digital assets. If we look at the age factor, only 6% of adults under 30 have bought NFTs.

The survey indicates that men have more understanding of NFTs than women. Around 68% of men have a better understanding of NFTs and digital assets. While the women are 28 points behind men in their knowledge of NFTs.

The research also indicates that over 88% of Americans are acquainted with cryptocurrencies. 16% of Americans have traded or invested in cryptocurrencies.

Out of which 46% of them say that their cryptocurrency investment has suffered losses. Only 15% of the investors admitted that their crypto investment performed better than expected. Another 31% said that their crypto investments as the same as they expected.

These numbers show a common mistake in that investors put their money into crypto projects without proper research and market analysis.

A majority of the crypto investors are men which accounts for 23%. 42% of men in the age group of 18 to 29 have invested in crypto while the women in the same age group remain only 17%.

Out of those who have invested in cryptocurrencies, 31% said that their main reason was to try a new investment option. While 24% of them believe that it is a good way of making money.

The majority of the investors who have invested in cryptocurrencies and digital assets say that their main reason behind the investment is gaining huge returns in a short time.