Dallas based elementary school introduces NFT reward system


  • Dallas ISD elementary school gives NFTs as rewards to students.
  • The school collaborated with RedCritter to enable the NFT scoring system.
  • Students are divided into houses inspired by Harry Potter movies where each house receives coins or NFTs on their best performance.

Dallas based Oran M. Roberts Elementary School introduced a new system in their school last year. The school has started a new rewarding system for their elementary students.

The students are rewarded with NFTs as per their performance. To enable NCFT rewarding system in their school, they have collaborated with Red Critter. It is a Lewisville-based company that was founded in 2010. The company gives schools free access to its CritterCoin system that allows teachers to reward students with coins.

The elementary school follows a Hogwarts-style learning environment to make learning fun for students. The students are divided into groups just like in Harry Potter movies. The house names are similar to classic Gryffindor and Hufflepuff and other names that Harry Potter fans use. To make things interesting the houses have their own color and cultural affiliations like Novatores, Tallawah, Altruism, and the Spearheads.

The students stay in their houses from preschool to fifth grade. The house which performs the best is rewarded with coins as scores.

Mike Beaty, CEO of Red Critter, said,

The main goal of the system was — knowing how busy teachers [were] going to be — being able to eliminate the teacher’s distraction and disruption in the classroom from dealing with the software

He also said that the company’s products are widely popular in UK and Australia. It is also expanding rapidly in the US, especially after the pandemic. The CEO said that after the pandemic, schools were looking forward to adding an appealing concept to their learning process and NFTs are a great choice.

Talking about his product NFT said,

Schools don’t have to do anything…All they know is they’re just rewarding behaviors. Our platform manages all that backend engagement.

At the end of the academic year, the winning house will be awarded a trip to Six Flags Over Texas.