OpenSea launches OpenSea Pro, an advanced NFT marketplace aggregator


  • OpenSea Pro will update data for trending, mints and collection pages in just a few seconds.
  • Users can update the purchase experience upon setting orders in accordance with maximum item price, characteristics, item amount, etc.
  • OpenSea Pro web app is optimized for mobile devices and enables browsing, sweeping and listing directly from the phone.

OpenSea has gone a new route to give a tough fight to the Blur marketplace with the launch of OpenSea Pro. A whole new marketplace, it will have even more robust trading tools as compared to the standard version, have zero fees (for a promotional period), and aim for NFT-dependent trading rewards. 

OpenSea Pro is Gem V2’s (the newest version of Gem), rebranded version. Gem, a leading NFT aggregator, was acquired by OpenSea in April 2022. 

In a statement, Devin Finzer, co-founder and CEO, said:

“[Gem v1] is amazing, you know, it’s an incredible aggregator tool, but this is really a dramatic step up from it.”

He added that it’s quick and in real time. Having said that, it is the fastest user experience when it comes to buying NFTs.

From the standard marketplace, OpenSea will be billed as a separate product. Based on the announcement, OpenSea Pro aggregates listings from 170 marketplaces to offer the best possible deals for traders and enables collectors to get access to sophisticated tools to meet their automation needs. 

Advanced floor sweeping will be supported for traders. Other features include immediate sales, gas fee optimization, a watchlist, a live mints overview, batch transfer, and more. 

Users will have increased flexibility in terms of searching for NFT listings besides handling their digital assets’ inventory, along with an aggregation of open NFT collection offers across marketplaces.

Talking about creator royalties, OpenSea Pro will have OpenSea’s existing model, which requires a 0.5% minimum royalty on projects with no on-chain enforcement technique. However, sellers can pay more than 0.5% depending on their choice. 

OpenSea doesn’t have a token, unlike Blur, and has no plans to adopt the route, though it will provide some other kind of reward to OpenSea Pro traders.

The marketplace will chart an entirely different course by representing NFTs in the form of rewards; however, there are no more details as of now. OpenSea provided a free “Gemesis” NFT mint for users who purchased an NFT before March 31 through Gem.

Even after losing its top spot in terms of trading volume, OpenSea has more active users than Blur. OpenSea’s decision to launch OpenSea Pro has happened at a time when the marketplace is strongly competing with Blur to get back its lost spot. 

Finzer shared that the focus will be on offering tools and improvements for creators and retail traders, with a focus on new collaborations, smart contract standards, and primary drops. Adding on, he mentioned that people can come to OpneSea and gain professional experience.