NFT is most contentious word in Huobi’s 2022 crypto industry report


  • 5 top takeaways reported by Huobi.
  • Crypto is the most mentioned technology for 2022.
  • The NFT craze is also spreading.

Huobi’s most recent market report delves into the most widely stated crypto-related phrases, nations with significant industry activity, legislation, and more. According to the data, over the past year, there have been ups and downs in terms of development, innovation, and loss for both the more significant Web 3 business and the crypto industry. 

Huobi recently published the most recent industry study, “Global Crypto Industry Overview and Trends,” which included trends and data on the industry’s use of nonfungible tokens, the metaverse and centralised exchanges, and its limitations. 

The most contentious cryptographic term in the world is NFT. In the study, the top five Web3 search terms were examined: “cryptocurrency,” “Defi,” “GameFi,” “NFT,” and “BTC.” Worldwide, NFT inquiries were the most familiar.

The CEX’s participation has decreased steadily over the past year. However, several nations accounted for a sizable portion of traffic to CEXs. In terms of how developed the cryptocurrency market is, the United States came out on top.

The number of searches for NFTs decreased from the year before, despite being the most searched term globally. According to the research, Asian countries filled four top five rankings.

Huobi’s research shows GameFi and Metaverse outnumbered investments in tools, trade, and financing for the second consecutive year. Capital expenditures in these two categories have risen from $874 million in 2021 to $2.4 billion in 202.

Ultimately, no discussion of 2022 would be complete without mentioning the flood of laws aimed at the crypto business. United States, European Union, and South Korean rules were found to be the densest and most intense. Currently, the United States has 22 federal and state crypto regulation acts.