CryptoPunks NFT Journey: Rabinovitz Reveals Extended Documentary Trailer


  • Independent filmmaker Sherone Rabinovitz has released an extended trailer for a documentary on CryptoPunks.
  • The documentary, in development since March 2018, aims to chronicle the revolutionary journey and cultural impact of CryptoPunks.
  • The film offers insights from CryptoPunks creators John Watkinson and Matt Hall and explores themes around its creation.

Sherone Rabinovitz, an independent filmmaker, has unveiled an extended trailer for a documentary focusing on CryptoPunks. This iconic pixelated NFT collection played a pivotal role in the NFT art boom of 2021. The documentary has been in the works since March 2018, marking a significant endeavor to chronicle the journey of this revolutionary art form.

CryptoPunks, created by John Watkinson and Matt Hall, has been a significant player in the digital art space. The trailer released by Rabinovitz offers a glimpse into a 2018 interview with the founders and sheds light on the various themes the film is set to explore. In the trailer, Watkinson shares insights into the creation process of the punks’ accessories, highlighting that CryptoPunks was not a finished product at its launch.

The documentary delves into the cultural impact of CryptoPunks, exploring its widespread adoption by celebrities, its presence in conferences, and the intrigue it generated in auction houses. It aims to narrate the story of CryptoPunks to a broader audience beyond the crypto-natives, emphasizing its influence and evolution in the digital art landscape.

In 2022, Yuga Labs, renowned for the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, acquired the intellectual property of CryptoPunks from Watkinson and Hall. The acquisition came as the founders felt they were not apt for the day-to-day management of such projects. Since April of this year, the floor price of CryptoPunks has been relatively stable, hovering around 45.19 ether (ETH) or approximately $75,000.

However, the documentary by Rabinovitz has yet to have a confirmed release date. It emerges at a time when the initial enthusiasm for NFT-inspired films seems to be waning, with projects like Coinbase’s Bored Apes movie being put on hold and collaborations like Reese Witherspoon’s with World of Women not producing any releases so far.

Additionally, Rabinovitz’s work is significant as it strives to bring the CryptoPunks narrative to the mainstream. He noted that while those immersed in the crypto world might be familiar with it, most of the population remains unaware of this digital art phenomenon.

Moreover, the documentary must maintain an objective reporting style, focusing solely on relevant information without incorporating promotional tones or opinions. It is meticulously crafted to ensure easy readability, avoid complex sentence structures, and maintain a concise and clear approach to delivering information.