Nifty Island, an Ethereum-Based Game, Rolls Out a New Speedrun Challenge for NFT Rewards


  • Nifty Island introduces a new challenge that merges speedrunning with level design, rewarding top creators and players.
  • Winners can earn exclusive NFTs, including Palms, Ultra Blades, and Legendary Pistols, enhancing the gaming experience.
  • The event showcases the game’s commitment to community engagement and innovation, with detailed participation criteria available on their Discord.

Nifty Island, a notable game on the Ethereum blockchain that emphasizes user-generated content, has recently announced a significant event. The game is set to introduce a two-part speedrunning challenge titled “Break the Targets.” This new endeavor aims to engage both level creators and players, providing an opportunity to display their talents and secure rewards in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The challenge begins with a creative phase over the weekend, where level creators are invited to craft unique courses based on the “Break the Targets” play mode. These courses are designed to test players’ abilities to complete runs as quickly as possible while targeting specific objectives. The community team will select the top three most inventive courses. These will serve as the arenas where players compete to establish record times.

The invitation extends until 4 pm EST on March 31, with participants required to share a video of their course on Twitter, utilizing the hashtag #Nifty. Following this, they must post their tweet on the “BTT-challenge” channel on Nifty Island‘s official Discord server. The evaluation criteria focus on visual appeal, enjoyment, and originality, with more information available through the Discord channel.

Since its launch in January, Nifty Island has grown into a 3D social game where players can design islands, embark on quests, and earn NFTs through participation and airdrops. The platform supports cross-chain integration, incorporating Ethereum, Polygon, and Base, thus enhancing its accessibility and interoperability.

Rewards for the challenge are particularly enticing, including limited edition, tokenized in-game items such as Palms, Ultra Blades, and Legendary Pistols. These items are not only prestigious but also carry potential in-game advantages, especially as the game progresses toward the launch of the ISLAND token and continues its play-to-airdrop strategy.

The winners will receive distinct prizes based on their achievements. The creators of the top three courses will be awarded an Iron Palm, while the leading ten speedrunners will secure Bronze Palm, Iron Palm, and Ultra Blade for the first three places and Legendary Pistol for the other seven runners.

This initiative highlights Nifty Island’s commitment to fostering a vibrant community of creators and gamers. It encourages innovation and skill, offering tangible rewards for participation and excellence in a growing digital ecosystem.