Victor Wembanyama’s Digital Collectible Outperforms His Physical Trading Card


  • Victor Wembanyama’s NFT sold for 61.182 ETH, approximately $110,120, surpassing the value of his physical trading card, which sold for $67,333.
  • The sale demonstrates the increasing market value and collector interest in digital collectibles, particularly NFTs associated with popular sports figures.
  • The platform’s growth is evident, with $713 million in NFT sales and a substantial valuation increase following a $680 million Series B funding round in 2021.

In a striking display of the digital collectibles market’s vitality, an NFT of NBA rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama eclipsed the sale figures for his physical trading cards. The digital asset, crafted by Sorare NBA and tied to the San Antonio Spurs’ number one draft pick, changed hands for a formidable 61.182 ETH, translating to approximately $110,120. This transaction outpaced the previous record for a Wembanyama trading card by a significant margin, with the physical version selling for $67,333 earlier in August.

Sorare NBA’s unique offering merges the realm of sports fandom with the burgeoning technology of NFTs, allowing enthusiasts to possess and utilize these digital assets within their fantasy sports engagements. The purchase underscores Wembanyama’s rapidly growing stature within the basketball community and accentuates the shifting paradigms of collectibility in the digital age.

Moreover, selling Wembanyama’s NFT relieves Sorare’s platform’s escalating trajectory. Since its inception in 2019, Sorare has introduced an innovative fantasy soccer game and expanded its purview to include partnerships with the NBA and Major League Baseball. Such alliances have borne fruit, with Sorare’s ventures yielding over $713 million in NFT sales. The platform’s valuation soared following a $680 million Series B funding round in 2021, cementing its position in the digital collectibles arena.

Additionally, the record-breaking sale of the Wembanyama NFT comes on the heels of another notable transaction within Sorare NBA. A digital token of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks’ marquee player, fetched a handsome 113.9 ETH, or about $187,000 at the time, setting a precedent in February.

The burgeoning interest in NFTs, particularly those merging real-world talents with digital ownership, highlights a nuanced shift in collectible culture. These assets promise more than mere possession; they offer utility in virtual games, rewards, and an immutable record of ownership. Sorare’s strategic maneuvers within this niche appear increasingly astute, with the digital sports collectible market gaining momentum.

Concluding the discourse on this digital sports memorabilia milestone, the Wembanyama NFT’s notable auction results cement the convergence of sports, technology, and investment, marking another chapter in the evolution of sports fandom and digital collectibles.