Animoca Brands Japan and Honda Team Up to Revolutionize F1 Fan Engagement with NFTs


  • Animoca Brands Japan has partnered strategically with Honda, Gryfyn, and GET Protocol.
  • The FORMULA 1 Honda & Red Bull Welcome Event on September 20, 2023, in Tokyo, will feature Honda KEY NFTs as tickets.
  • GET Protocol, known for integrating NFTs into event operations, recently secured a $4.5 million investment.

Animoca Brands Japan has entered into a strategic alliance with Honda, Gryfyn, and GET Protocol. The collaboration aims to redefine fan engagement at the upcoming FORMULA 1 Honda & Red Bull Welcome Event and the 2023 F1 Japanese Grand Prix. The partnership will leverage blockchain technology to offer unique experiences in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The FORMULA 1 Honda & Red Bull Welcome Event is set to take place on September 20, 2023, at Zepp Shinjuku in Tokyo. The event is already making waves for its innovative approach to fan interaction. Honda will distribute special Honda KEY NFTs to lucky lottery participants. These NFTs will serve as tickets to the Tokyo event. Additionally, attendees will receive a commemorative NFT, airdropped to their ticket-holder accounts after the event.

Following this, the Japanese Grand Prix 2023 will run from September 21 to September 24 at the Suzuka Circuit. The Honda booth at the circuit will also be a part of this blockchain initiative. Fans can visit the booth to redeem exclusive items and Honda KEY NFTs, adding another layer to the event experience.

Gryfyn, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, will play a vital role in this initiative. The company will act as a Web3 wallet, facilitating seamless connections between brands and communities. It is also the designated host for the Honda KEY NFTs.

GET Protocol is another key player in this partnership. The platform enables event organizers to integrate NFT capabilities into their operations. It has already made headlines for its collaboration with the Dutch Grand Prix, where it introduced digital collectibles linked to tickets.

The company recently secured a $4.5 million investment, marking a significant milestone. This financial injection could challenge the traditional ticketing industry, signaling a shift in the sector’s dynamics.

Animoca Brands Japan aims to be a global leader in Web3 strategies. The company focuses on blending Japanese intellectual property and content with blockchain technology. This initiative is a significant step in connecting Japanese intellectual properties with a global audience, hinting at future event and fan engagement transformations.