Arrival of Tiffany & Co. NFTiffs pendants encourages CryptoPunks to go “Off-Chain”


  • Six months after placing their orders, purchasers of the NFTiffs are now receiving the highly anticipated diamond pendants.
  • When Tiffany & Co. launched their widely anticipated “NFTiffs” collection in August 2021, it attracted media attention.
  • Despite their high cost, all 250 NFTiffs were purchased in the first 20 minutes of going on sale, earning the upscale jewelry firm $12.5 million.

Tiffany & Co. garnered media attention in August 2021 when they unveiled their eagerly awaited “NFTiffs” collection. These exclusive diamond pendants were developed in association with CryptoPunks, a well-known NFT series that features distinctive pixel art characters. Owners of CryptoPunks were offered the NFTiffs for the hefty sum of 30 ETH, or roughly $50,000. Despite their high price, all 250 NFTiffs were sold out in just 20 minutes after going on sale, bringing in $12.5 million for the high-end jewelry company.

Buyers of the NFTiffs are now receiving their highly desired diamond pendants, some six months after placing their orders. The CryptoPunk character on the gold chain-and-diamond-encrusted physical copies of the NFTiffs.

Gmoney, a member of CryptoPunk and the creator of 9dcc, the world’s first luxury cryptocurrency brand, received his special piece shortly before the year came to an end and published it on Twitter during the holiday weekend.

Gmoney told Hypemoon that this is something he has long found to be very compelling. This is why he founded 9dcc, as he believes that people want to somehow communicate that they are a part of a tribe in the real world. At the moment, the only way to do this is, for the most part, by showing someone something like your wallet on your phone. 

He added that like his OpenSea account, he reasoned that as time goes on, more and more people will express their identity and sense of community in the actual world by wearing jewelry or other items.

Our daily lives are increasingly dominated by digital identities, with many individuals turning to online platforms to communicate, express themselves, and even conduct business. However, up until recently, the majority of these digital identities were restricted to the virtual realm.

This is beginning to change as more and more people use apparel, technology, and high-end jewelry to bring their online personas to life in the physical world.