Yuga Labs unveils a new NFT called Punk 305 at ICA Miami


  • Yuga Labs is unveiling a new NFT called Punk 305 at ICA Miami.
  • This NFT is called Virtual Lady.
  • It was introduced along with Andy Warhol’s iconic American Lady.

Yuga Labs is unveiling a new NFT called Punk 305 at ICA Miami, Miami’s home for the most innovative art of the time. Addressed as the virtual lady, the crypto punks NFT, along with her VIP plus one Andy Warhol’s iconic “American Lady”, was also introduced.

This display of Punk #305 is being done on the platform and will stay there till 20th December 2022, connected to ICA Miami’s wallet. Referred to as the special donation to the cultural institution, The officials at the Yuga Labs are thrilled to call that the virtual lady is finally home.

Supporting the Punks Legacy Project, Yuga Labs, along with the founders Gordon Gonerm CryptoGarga, Tomato BAYC and SaasBAYC, have made their hard work a shoutout to the general public. 

Users and crypto experts have said this is the perfect pairing in the current scenario calling it a significant stroke. The users are waiting for more information on this particular collaboration but are looking forward to more new announcements on the Punk Line.